Animated School Education Content

IPLM has partnered with Eduvantage Pro to start the Animated School Education Content as a tutoring service in public libraries. This animated school content support students' cognitive processes that ultimately result in them understanding the subject matter better. This service has been enabled in IPLM's intervention libraries and it is being introduced to school students from Class 1 to 12 on Environmental Studies, Science and Mathematics.

Mode of Delivery: Offline USB

Language: English and Hindi

Minimum Infrastructure Requirement at the Library:

i) Large Monitor/ Projector
ii) Laptop/ Desktop Computer
iii) Web Camera
iv) Mic
v) Speaker
vi) High Speed Internet

Process to Start the Service: 

Interested libraries to write an e-mail to Dr. Vignesh at

Service Provider: 
Eduvantage Pro
Approximate Cost: 
INR 5,000 per library/ year