Basic Spoken English Course

The Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) has partnered with AA Edutech and British Council to offer the Basic Spoken English Course. This course consists of 20 Units ranging from Introduction to Interview Questions. This unique course is designed in blended learning format with a multimedia content and workbook.

Course Duration: 30 Days

Course Fee: INR 275/-

Course Package: Multimedia Content in 2 DVDs and Workbook

Course Execution: The library can appoint a volunteer/ instructor to conduct the classes. The volunteer/ instructor to run the multimedia content using a projector. The students to watch the content and do practice using the workbook given to them. Followed by this, the students to practice among themselves of the content learnt.

Certification: On satisfactory completion of 20 Units, a Certificate of Participation will be issued to the participants.

Process to Start the Service: 

1) You may want to identify a trainer/ volunteer to take the classes
2) The trainer/ volunteer to study all 20 Units covered in the Workbook
3) Fix the date for starting the course and the library to promote course
4) The registration fee or INR 275 to be collected from the interested candidates.
5) The course implementation approach for executing each of the Unit can be
i) the trainer/ volunteer to run the corresponding Video Unit using the DVD,
ii) the candidates to use the Activity Book for practicing the Unit,
iii) the trainer/ volunteer to encourage the candidates to practice/ mock the learning in front of all the candidates
6) On an average 1 or 2 Units can be covered in a day, so the entire 20 Units can be completed within 20 days.
7) On successful completion of all the modules, you have to send the List of Candidates in an Excel Sheet for issuing the Certificate of Participation from AA Edutech and British Council. The certificate will be issued within 30 days of completion of course.

Service Provider: 
AA Edutech and British Council
Approximate Cost: 
INR 275 per candidate