Health Awareness Sessions

IPLM has partnered with Medanta - The Medicity to conduct Live Health Awareness sessions on topics of importance to communities. IPLM and Medanta have been conducting these monthly health awareness sessions July 2017 and has conducted seven health awareness sessions so far, on topics ranging from Seasonal Diseases, Breast Cancer, Heart Diseases, Lung Diseases, Basic Health & Hygience, Cervical Cancer, etc. Under this service, Medanta identifies the topic and expert Doctor for conducting the session. The session will be live webcast to all IPLM intervention libraries through an URL.

Session Format: 30 - 45 minutes of presentation by the resource person followed by 2 questions from each library

Language: Hindi

Duration of the Session: 60 - 90 minutes

Minimum Infrastructure Requirement at the Library:

i) Large Monitor/ Projector
ii) Laptop/ Desktop Computer
iii) Web Camera
iv) Mic
v) Speaker
vi) High Speed Internet

Process to Start the Service: 

Interested libraries to write an e-mail to Dr. Vignesh at

Service Provider: 
Medanta - The Medicity
Approximate Cost: 
Not Applicable