Religion and Gender

Religion and Gender is the first refereed online international journal for the systematic study of gender and religion in an interdisciplinary perspective. It analyses and reflects critically on gender in its interpretative and imaginative dimensions and as a fundamental principle of social ordering, seeking to investigate gender at the intersection of feminist, sexuality, queer, masculinity and diversity studies.

Journal for Communication and Culture

Journal for Communication and Culture is an Open Access peer-reviewed publication published by the Institute for Communication and Culture, Romania. It mainly addresses researchers and scholars whose work relates to social sciences or the study of humanities. JCC focuses on philosophical approaches to human communication and the human condition.


INQUIRIES Journal, formerly Student Pulse, is an open-access academic journal that highlights the work of students at the undergraduate level and above. The journal publishes work across a range of academic disciplines with a particular focus on the social sciences, arts, and humanities.


HighWire Press partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of more than 3000 journals, books, reference works, and proceedings. It provides access to best online research from a vast database of full-text scholarly, high-impact materials. The portal offers advanced searching and browsing capabilities and tools, creating an alternative means to find and make sense of information from over seven million full-text articles.


Current Science, published every fortnight by the Association, in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, is the leading interdisciplinary science journal from India. It was started in 1932 by the then stalwarts of Indian science such as CV Raman, Birbal Sahni, Meghnad Saha, Martin Foster and S.S. Bhatnagar.

Economic & Political Weekly

The Economic and Political Weekly, published from Mumbai, is an Indian institution which enjoys a global reputation for excellence in independent scholarship and critical inquiry. EPW is also unique because it is the one forum where there is an exchange of ideas across the social science disciplines - political scientists debate with economists, sociologists read what political scientists have to say, historians study what economists have to say and so on.