Vision & Objectives

IPLM Vision

IPLM envisions creating an enabling environment for the public libraries through working towards systemic change, multi-stakeholder engagement and application of relevant technology in order to demonstrate responsive and scalable best practices to address the changing community needs.


IPLM Objectives

Key IPLM objectives include:

  • Repositioning public libraries at the community level by re-emphasising their role as information and knowledge catalysts; showcasing them as inclusive spaces, thereby emphasising their truly ‘public’ nature, i. e., they can be accessed by all without any gender, caste, religion or class based discriminations; and creating exclusive spaces for women and children to make the public library a safer place for them and encouraging their visits.
  • Improving public library servicesby envisioning the role of public libraries in addressing emerging knowledge and information needs of the community through the use of relevant technologies and innovative content and services.
  • Improving public library functioning through capacity building of their staffby identifying their capacity building needs in the changing public library scenario and addressing them.
  • Policy advocacy by bringing together all the public library stakeholders through conferences, such as the India Public Libraries Conference (IPLC) and other state and local level workshops; policy advocacy through appropriate platforms and mechanisms (such as District Library Committees) to improve their functioning and finances;advocacy for integrating public libraries with appropriate mission mode programmes of the Government of India, such as the National Digital Literacy Mission, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, etc.

With these objectives, IPLM has the potential to impact citizens’ lives and livelihood.Itaims to showcase public libraries as ‘agents of change’ and ‘engines of development’ and envisages them as means to achieve Agenda 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since public libraries have the potential to impact all the SDGs in one way or another.